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Top Tips to Make Moving With Kids Easier

Moving is stressful, but adding kids into the mix can make it feel even more chaotic. Well, don't worry, parents! 

With some planning and a few clever tricks, you can make this transition easier and keep your sanity (mostly) intact. Let's get into some helpful tips and ways to make moving with kids stress-free.

Before the move

Here’s what to do before the d-day: 

Eight weeks before the move

  • Involve the kids: Kids are curious creatures, so you have to explain the move in a way they can understand. Talk about the new house, answer their questions honestly, and get them excited about the upcoming adventure. 

You can also show them pictures of the new place and talk about all the fun things they can do there. 

  • Declutter ruthlessly: Kids collect a lot of stuff, so take this opportunity to sort through gently used toys, clothes, and books. Decide what to keep, donate, or sell, as it will lighten your load and might even earn some extra cash. 

Six weeks before the move

  • Schedule a medical and dental check-up: Ensure your children’s medical and dental records are current. You can also schedule check-ups to ensure everyone is in good health and get necessary vaccinations or treatments done before you move.

  • Research new schools: If you’re moving to a new school district, start looking into school options early. Check out different schools, see which ones might be a good fit for your kids, and find out about the registration process and deadlines. If possible, visit the new schools with your children to help them get familiar with their new environment.

Two to three weeks before the move

  • Host a farewell party: Although this is purely optional, you might want to consider throwing a farewell party to say goodbye to neighbors and classmates. It can be a mix of happy and sad feelings, but it's a chance for kids to make positive memories of their old home. 

  • Start packing "belongings" boxes: Encourage your kids to pack a special box with their favorite toys, books, and keepsakes. This will give them a sense of control and make unpacking in the new house more exciting. They can choose what to include in their box, making it personalized and comforting.

The day before the move

  • Pack a "distraction box": Prepare a special box filled with new and familiar toys, coloring books, and snacks to keep the kids busy and entertained during the move. 

  • Pack a "first-night" box: Don’t forget to prepare a special box with all the essentials you’ll need for the first night in your new home. You can pack items like pajamas, toiletries, a change of clothes, and a few favorite toys or comfort items. This will make the first night more comfortable for everyone.

  • Hire help: Moving with kids can be challenging, and hiring professional movers or getting extra help can make the process easier. This can take some of the stress off your shoulders and give you more time to focus on caring for your kids during this busy time.

Moving day

On moving day, you should try to keep the kids in check. A babysitter or childcare service would be of great help, but if you can’t get one, it’s best to keep them in a contained space. 

For this, you can cordon off a section of the house for them, keeping both them and the movers safe. You can also plan activities such as coloring, reading, and card games to ensure they're not up to mischief. 

Settling in after the move

After the move, here are some tips to help you quickly settle into your new home.

Start by setting up one child's room first, including their favorite toys and belongings. This will give them a familiar and cozy space to relax and feel comfortable in the new environment. 

Having their room set up early on can help ease any anxiety or stress they may be feeling about the move.

Make it fun for the kids by organizing a scavenger hunt! Give them a list of things to find, like the kitchen, bedroom, or certain items. 

This will keep them busy and excited while helping them get to know their new home better. It’s also a great way to turn exploring a new space into a fun game for the whole family.

Try to keep your children's routines as much as possible. This will help them feel more comfortable and secure during this busy and chaotic time. 

Also, don’t forget to stick to regular meal times, bedtime routines, and other daily activities to provide a sense of normalcy.

Don’t let your little ones disrupt your move!

Even if your kids are the most excitable ones on the block, there’s no reason why your move has to be chaotic. With proper planning and the help of a professional moving service, your move can be as smooth as possible. 

Get a free quote today, and let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on creating happy memories in your new home!


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