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Tips for Moving During the Holiday Season

Moving during the holiday season can be hectic. Most people simply postpone the move and enjoy the good cheer and fun of the season. If you must move during this period for one reason or the other, you must take extra care to ensure the stress doesn’t get to you. Here are some tips you can adopt from Lehigh Valley’s best movers. 

Plan ahead

The holiday season is stressful enough without having to plan a move. Begin planning your move at least one month in advance, giving yourself at least three weeks to pack. You should also keep track of everything by creating a detailed list that includes 

  • Your packing itinerary

  • Moving company information

  • Your realtor or new landlord’s contact information (include information like their phone number, working hours, and address if applicable)

  • Mail forwarding information

  • Donation pickup times

Plan the holidays away from your home

Moving is no reason not to enjoy a bit of the holidays. You can plan to have your holiday party with your family at your friends' or relatives’ homes. This way, you can effectively split your attention and enjoy the celebrations without compromising your move itinerary. 

Pack gradually

Rushing everything at once is a sure way to get burned out. Remember that moving during the holidays is no reason not to enjoy some celebrations. Try to pack gradually, room to room. You can set up a staging area for your supplies and boxes in the garage or guest room to avoid stuffing your house full of boxes.

Share your new address in your Christmas cards

Why not combine the two rather than send a moving announcement and Christmas card? Inform your friends and family about your impending move and your new address on the holiday card. Sending cards is a classy, subtle way to inform your people of your change of address.

Plan for bad weather

If you’re moving around the Northeast and Midwest, be prepared for cold — sometimes frigid — temperatures. From icy roads to white-out blizzards, the holiday season can bring dangerous winter weather conditions, making moving more stressful. 

So, ensure you have ready all your winter gear and supplies, including boots, hats, gloves, shovels, and salt. Also, don’t forget to have your new home's heat and electricity turned on when you arrive.

Pack only a few holiday decorations

While holiday decorations are often the last thing on your mind while packing, you can pack only a few items. Choose simple decorations like a wreath, a small Christmas tree, and stockings. 

Don’t bother decking your entire home, as you won’t want to deal with packing up boxes of decorations immediately after Christmas.

Make your holidays merry, not hectic. Plan your move with the pros today 

The season’s preparations, commitments, and adverse weather make the holidays a tough time to move. 

But with the help of a professional moving company, you can focus on enjoying the holidays and leave the planning and heavy lifting to the movers. Contact us to learn how to ease your move this holiday season. 


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