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Pros and Cons of Cardboard Boxes vs. Plastic Boxes for Moving

You may have doubts about hiring a moving company, but there's no doubt you will need moving boxes to pack up your items. Whether moving locally or outside the Lehigh Valley, you'll need to choose between cardboard and plastic boxes. 

It's easy to make a snap decision, but each type has pros and cons that can affect the ease of your move, budget, and so much more. So, cardboard or plastic boxes? Let's dive into the benefits and drawbacks of each option to enable you to make the right choice. 

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are a straightforward choice for many homeowners as they are readily available. You can buy at Home Depot, Walgreens, or a brick-and-mortar store. 

Pros of using cardboard boxes

  • Versatility: They come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, making them suitable for packing various items of various sizes. Whether you are packing clothes or dishes, you will find the right cardboard boxes. They can also be folded up when not in use.

  • Easy to customize: You can easily label, print on, and customize cardboard boxes, making it easy to know the items in each box. 

  • Eco-friendly: If you are eco-conscious, go for cardboard boxes. They are both biodegradable and recyclable, and you can use them for other purposes. 

  • Affordable: Cardboard boxes are generally more affordable than plastic boxes, making them a cost-effective option if you are on a budget. 

Cons of using cardboard boxes

  • Limited durability: While sturdy, cardboard boxes are prone to damage by pests and insects. Also, they may not withstand moisture or rough handling as well as plastic boxes.

  • Limited reusability: They are more prone to the elements and can lose their structural integrity after some use. As a result, you may have to replace them sooner. 

Plastic boxes

Plastic boxes, or plastic bins as they are sometimes called, are made from polypropylene or high-density polyethene. They are very durable.

Pros of using plastic boxes

  • Durability: Without question, plastic boxes are the most durable of the two options. They offer resistance against moisture and pests, making them longer-lasting than cardboard boxes. 

  • Better protection: Plastic boxes provide better protection against water, dust, and pests, keeping your documents and belongings safe and secure.

  • Reusable: They have excellent reusability. You can reuse them multiple times without tearing or losing their structural integrity. 

  • Stackable: Plastic boxes have higher strength and stability, which makes them able to sit on top of one another effectively. Because of this, you can stack more belongings and save space.

Cons of using plastic boxes 

  • Pricey: Plastic boxes are more expensive than cardboard boxes. While they offer better value in the long term due to their durability, the initial purchase cost may not be worth it if you don't plan on using them repeatedly. 

  • Bulky: They are heavier and are not easy to move around. Storing them when not in use is also a concern, as they are not foldable. 

Plastic bins are also not environment-friendly and are less customizable than cardboard boxes. 

Cardboard boxes vs plastic boxes: which should I choose?

If you are moving from point A to point B and won't need boxes in the near future, cardboard boxes are the better option. They are also the cost-effective choice if you are packing many items. 

On the other hand, plastic boxes are suitable for situations where you foresee risks like leaky pipes, as they can prevent damage to your items. If you are looking for a durable option you can use again and again, nothing beats plastic boxes. 

No matter your choice, remember to move with the pros

Whether you opt for the affordability of cardboard boxes or the durability of plastic boxes, don't forget to partner with the reliable moving pros at Moving By Cury for a smooth and hassle-free move. Get a quote today. 


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